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Hi, welcome to my personal old-school unfacebook-like blog. Well I've never had a Facebook acount but I do try to use [Google+] every now and then. After a year or so of trying to tame G+ so it's not so invasive or annoying I still find myself yearning for ye olde solitude of a personal blog where I can hear myself think without so much "social" distraction. Maybe, just maybe, I have found that near calm peaceful space where I can thinkstream in plain text in an editor I like using and manage this web site with tools I understand.

I actually had to write this ultra simple blog system from scratch to get something that a) I like using and b) will run on the cheapest and smallest systems I would ever care to use. This blog project is called [BoJAX] and is available via my [Github] account and would probably run just fine on a [Raspberry Pi] with any webserver that will deliver static pages as most of the work of presenting this blog is done in the browser. This is my first real update using this system, in February 2014, and no doubt most of my posts will be about [BoJAX] and the [OpenResty] web server I am currently testing, and whatever linux operating system I am using, and the mail server I have yet to set up, and on and on with meandering boring-to-most-people techie stuff.

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